How music therapy can alter the experience of Stroke survivors.

Often, stroke survivors have residual concerns with language skills.  Known and loved songs can be very motivational in allowing a safe therapeutic space for practising these skills.  Often, the vocal apparatus becomes tired and overstrained and I will also use breathing exercises and vocal exercises to work on releasing tension in the areas enabling speech.  I am very happy to liaise with Speech and Language Therapists in this regard. 

In addition, stroke survivors often have residual motor difficulties and I will build a programme of music based exercises to enable work on areas of weakness. I am very happy to liaise with Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists in this regard.

Any cognition difficulties - such as the ability to attend and maintain focus - can also be worked on using musical games and music technology applications.  

Overall, the sessions are a fun and motivating way of working on rehabilitation after a stroke and this can help to build self-esteem at a time when life seems suddenly to have so many more challenges for the client.