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I am very happy to teach all ages and standards.  I enjoy working with a wide range of learning styles and will experiment in terms of my teaching style until I find what works for each student!

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Playing the piano - learning and having fun!

I have experience teaching all ages and levels.  I am very happy to work at the student's pace and achieve the goals they set for themselves - however big or small they may be!  I'm also happy to suggest goals and provide platforms for performance and development through concerts and exams.

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“Both my children have been taught piano by Tania from a young age. She is very patient and has some fantastically fun and inventive ways to help them learn how to play and most importantly how to enjoy it while making steady progress. I particularly like the way she supplements learning pieces for exams with other pieces that she knows the particular child will enjoy and that broadens their musical experience. The cushion concerts she organises are a family favourite giving the children the opportunity to play in front of a small, friendly audience, not just their parents, which builds confidence in performing.”

Mrs D. Letchworth

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