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Music Therapy can be a fun and motivating way of addressing many issues for lots of different people.

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Children Playing Bongo Drums


Ever since I was young, I have been fascinated by the power of music to effect change in people. Firstly, within my own small world as a child, and, as life has progressed, in the world of others - individuals and groups.

I care deeply for all of my clients, and work diligently to help them. Since 2017, I have worked as a music therapist with a variety of client groups dealing with circumstances that are unique to their lives. The amount of client involvement in music making within the sessions is totally up to the client. 

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Music Therapy is an evidence-based clinical intervention which uses music as a therapeutic tool. A client does not need any musical skills or ability to benefit from music therapy. For many people, music is motivational and emotionally charged. These two factors make it very powerful as an agent for change and growth.

The sessions may comprise of interactive music making, active listening to music, talking, making up musical games, making art and generally looking at whatever concerns or difficulties a client comes to the process with.  

It may be that we are working on attention together, perhaps in the case of a child who is struggling to focus in school. We would use musical games and

interactive free music-making to extend and build focus in an

engaging way. We would learn to attend to things together in order that the child can build self-confidence in this skill.

It may be that we are working on language skills, perhaps in the case of an adult who has suffered a stroke and lost some capacity in this area. We would use favourite songs focussing on particular sounds so that the patient can take the time to practise.  We would also use breathing exercises to music and vocal exercises to facilitate breath control and focus on particular sounds.

These are examples of ways in which I might work with just two different clients. I am able to support a wide range of clients.  

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Music Therapy: About Therapy
Music Therapy: Testimonials

"Tania naturally creates an environment where you feel safe to open up.  I've always felt secure discussing all aspects of my life with no judgement, just pure support. The sessions are very much led by you but Tania has an awareness which ensures that there is always a direction to each session, which is helpful on days where your mind feels full and nothing comes out in a logical way.  As with any therapy, it's a personal journey but with Tania's support, I've really transformed my thought processes and my ability to cope in situations that I would have found so suffocating before"

Adult Client

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